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I Am So Thankful! November 9, 2009

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1. Air Mattresses

2. Green Tea

3. Tooth Brushes

4. What Jesus sacrificed for me

5. November

6. My brothers are all safe and sound state side.

7. The book of Numbers

8. Jillian

9. Dayvid

10. C25K


I Am So Thankful! November 5, 2009

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1. Trash service that comes to our house

2. We’re getting a washer and dryer

3. Beds for the kids

4. The way Gallup smells at night in the winter

5. Thanksgiving

6. Phones that we don’t have to pay long distance on

7. Wireless internet

8. A car

9. My wedding rings

10. David Crowder Band


I am so thankful! November 4, 2009

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1. Cheery people

2. Managing to lose two pounds last week

3.  My kids are all healthy

4. All FOUR of my grandparents are still alive, and still married (what a legacy)

5.  Shoes that make the clacker sound she talks about in “The Devil Wears Prada”

6. Airplanes

7. The new playground at the kids’ school

8. My nieces and nephew, I miss them so much!

9. My Precepts Bible study, and all the ladies in it

10.  Being able to run


I am so thankful! October 21, 2009

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About two years ago  my Mother In Law encouraged me to write down ten things that I’m thankful for every morning, to get the day started right. I did it for awhile, and then for some reason I quit. I’m starting again this morning, at least ten things that I’m thankful for every morning. You should join me!

1: My family

2. An amazing Bible study

3. The video that gave me the giggles this morning

4. Our friends out here

5. Our friends back in CO

6. Food

7. A Car

8. Electricity

9. Facebook (does this mean I’m addicted????)

10. That I can just get my GED since I’m having a heckuva time getting my transcripts from my high school

I feel better already 🙂