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They’re out there! November 9, 2009

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About 8 months ago our miniature poodle, Huey, disappeared. We were living out in the boonies with some large birds of prey, and some other wild animals that think small dogs make a perfect snack. So, we assume that he got eaten. Kaylynn still asks about him once in a while, so the other day, she had this conversation with Rob.

Kaylynn: Is Huey dead?

Rob: Yeah, I think he’s probably dead.

Kaylynn: Why?

Rob: I think some animal probably got him.

Kaylynn: No, the aliens got him, they have lasers.


Another one from the department of things you don’t hear everyday. October 19, 2009

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I’m working on getting into the college here for spring semester, and the kids are absolutely fascinated at the thought of Rob or I going to school. So yesterday morning out of nowhere, Aidan says this:

“Dad, when you get out of school what will your new job be?”

Rob: “I don’t know”

Aidan: “I hope it’s ballet!”


Words! October 3, 2009

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Jillian said her first word about six weeks ago. Dad. It actually sounds more like dadad. But, she definitely means she wants her dad when she says it.

Tonight, I discovered one, maybe two more. She says YEAY very clearly, and tries to clap, but the poor kid isn’t quite coordinated enough to get her hands together yet. Usually she claps her feet together, or claps her hand on her thigh. And, I think she might be saying mom, but I’m not totally sure on that one yet.

I love first words!


Overheard July 4, 2009

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I don’t usually paint my finger nails, I don’t paint the girls’ very often either, but we do paint toe nails a lot. The other day, I was painting my toe nails, and Kaylynn caught a whiff of the nail polish from across the room. She said “MMMMMMM!!!! I smell toe nails!” Those toe nails sure are delicious smelling!



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Our family loves wafer cookies. We go through them pretty quickly, so the other night Rob picked up four packs at the store. The next day I told the kids that if they ate all their lunch, they could have two wafer cookies for dessert. When I pulled the cookies out, Ryan noticed that there were four packages. She was really excited so, she’s telling Aidan all about it. And, then she says “What could possibly go wrong with four packages of wafer cookies?” If only life were that simple!


Kaylynn’s Vocabulary

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Some new words to add to the Teacup dictionary…

Fairy Dogs: Those annoying little rodents that usually live on the side of the road. Apparently in Kaylynn’s world, they’re magical

Complikaylynn: Complicated with a little attitude.

Unsane: A state of mind that your older siblings drive you to.

Realdiculous: So much more than just ridiculous.


Blankie Pink January 23, 2009

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Kaylynn has a pink blanket that Rob’s grandma crocheted for her when she was born. When she was about six months old she decided that she ABSOLUTELY would not sleep with out it. So, Rob’s grandma gave me the same blanket in yellow. She had crocheted it for someone else, and then decided to give that person a pink one. I knew we would need it someday, because the pink one was so loved, and have kept it safe since then. Over the years the pink blanket has been named Blankie Pink. Well, the time has come and the pink one is looking a little ragged. So, Rob and I pulled the yellow one out for her the other day. She was so excited! She proudly exclaimed, “My Yellow Blankie Pink!”