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Words! October 3, 2009

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Jillian said her first word about six weeks ago. Dad. It actually sounds more like dadad. But, she definitely means she wants her dad when she says it.

Tonight, I discovered one, maybe two more. She says YEAY very clearly, and tries to clap, but the poor kid isn’t quite coordinated enough to get her hands together yet. Usually she claps her feet together, or claps her hand on her thigh. And, I think she might be saying mom, but I’m not totally sure on that one yet.

I love first words!


Introducing Wee Bear December 5, 2008

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Jillian Abigail Sanchez



December 01, 2008

10:15 pm

7lbs 12oz



I’ll spare you most the gory details, but my water broke at 6:30pm on the first, while my parents were here having dinner, that was fortunate, because they were able to take the kids straight from the house for us.

Contractions started right away 3-4 minutes apart. We got to the hospital and got settled at about 7:30. The nurse checked me around 8:00 and I was dilated to 4. At about 9:00 the nurse came back to move me to a bigger room, and to check me again. By this time the contractions were all in my back and coming more quickly. I was dilated to 5, so I asked how long I would have to wait to get an epidural. This, my friends, is where my whole evening derailed. The nurse gave me a shocked look and asked whether or not my Dr had discussed this with me. Nope, never talked about pain relief. “Oh,” says the nurse, “we don’t have any anesthesiologists on nights or weekends, so you probably won’t get an epidural, but I can talk to your Dr about it and see what he can do.” So, now I’m trying not to go into panic mode… I’d never had a birth without an epidural, and I really wasn’t planning for this to be the first!

The nurse moved me into the new room, and brought in a drug called Nubain, which “probably won’t do anything, but help you rest in between contractions.” (her exact words). And, it didn’t I couldn’t even rest in between, because at this point there really wasn’t an in between. Rob (my knight in shining armour) got the nurse to call my Dr V so that he could talk to him. Dr V explained a little more that in such a small hospital it’s hard to get anesthesiologists to work at night, and on weekends, but he was going to see what he could do.

At about 9:30 my nurse came back in to say the Dr was on his way with an anesthesiologist who had agreed to a different procedure (I can’t remember the name of it). Then she said she wanted to check me again, because the baby was showing signs that I was moving along faster than she thought. Sure enough, I was dilated 8-9. Dr V arrived right after that, and assured us that if an epidural is a 10 on the pain control scale this other procedure is a 9. The anesthesiologist was waiting in the hall for Dr V to check me and make sure that I had enough time to have the procedure . Dr V checked and said that I was only dilated to 7 and that he would go get the anesthesiologist. As soon as Dr V closed the door, I had another contraction, and it was apparent that this baby was not going to wait I had to push right then. Luckily the Dr and the nurse were right outside the door because they hardly made it back into the room as it was. Jillian made her way into the world in 3 pushes. They didn’t even have time to fix the bed, she was born right there on it! The relief as soon as she was out was AMAZING. That’s about all that I remember from the rest of that night, because the Nubain did it’s job as soon as she was born, and I pretty much passed out.

She’s a beautiful addition to the family, and we could not be happier. She has lots of dark hair (pictures for proof to follow soon), sleeps pretty well, and nurses like a champ. She and I spent an extra day in the hospital because her jaundice levels were high and the Dr wanted to keep her under the Billi lights for a day. We’re home now and couldn’t be happier to be settling into our new routine!


Even The Wee Bear Had A Costume Last Night November 1, 2008

I’ll let Rob tell you about the actual night, I’m just going to post some pictures….

Wee Bear’s first costume a Jack O’ Lantern


Sharpay from High School Musical (she’s never seen the movie, but she loved the dress!)




Princess Aurora, or Rora, if you’re Kaylynn. It almost killed her to wait ALL WEEK to wear her costume!



Even Hosteen got in one of the pictures!


The finger! Rob will have to tell you all about it. I’m sure he will since Halloween is his favorite holiday.


Not the best night for pictures to be sure, but it was a long night.


Pigapig October 9, 2008

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My nephew’s birthday was this past Monday. We’ve been a little bit behind, so yesterday was the first day that we could go out and shop for a present for him. Ryan and Aidan each had some birthday money left over, so we told them they could also spend some of their own money on themselves.

Here in Gallup there is actually a KB Toy Store. There used to be a few in CO, but it seems like they all closed up. So, we were excited to find one here. We’ve visited a few times with the kids but never let them actually shop for anything there. Right inside the doorway of every KB is a little round table with a rim, and it has some kind of animal in it. When I was little it was a dog that walked, barked, and did flips. At this one, it’s a pig. “Oinkin’ Ollie” to be exact. He walks, snorts, wags his tail, and wiggles his nose. He’s cute. It was love at first sight for Kaylynn. Every time we even walk by the store she has to stop and hug him, and pull his tail, it’s really cute.

Well, as long as everyone else was getting something yesterday, we decided to get Kaylynn the pig. I think it might be her favorite gift ever. She has named it Pigapig. Sometimes Pigapig is a girl and sometimes Pigapig is a boy.  As in “do you want to feel her?” “He can’t walk.”  She loves to have Pigapig on, but she doesn’t want Pigapig to walk away from her, so she’ll either hold on to it’s tail, or turn it on it’s side. I wish there were some way to show you how cute she is with it.

Last night she wanted to go to bed with it, so we told her Pigapig has to stay off because it’s sleeping. She was a little sad about that, but eventually decided that was better than Pigapig sleeping downstairs. This morning I woke her up by turning Pigapig on and nestling him under her arm. At first she was surprised, but the her eyes opened really big, and she got this huge beaming smile and said “Pigapig!” It’s pretty stinkin’ cute. Pigapig is pretty stinkin’ cute. I’m sure I’ll be tired of her in no time, but it’s been fun to watch Kaylynn love her Pigapig!


Lookie what I did :) September 23, 2008

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I’d like to preface this post by saying that I have hardly ever touched a sewing machine in my life. I had about a month’s worth of lessons when I was ten or so… Sure wish that I’d taken more. So, for my birthday this year, I decided since we were moving out in the middle of no where, I would get myself a sewing machine and a couple of books and teach myself to do it. So far, I’ve completed three successful projects. Which, I think, is pretty good, especially for me. These are my two most recent.

First a hooter hider (I didn’t name it I just sewed it) It’s a nursing shawl, that keeps you covered, but there’s a piece of boning at the top around the neck that makes it stick out so mommy can still look down and see what she’s doing.  It also has a strap to hold it up so you don’t have to worry about it falling down or baby pulling it off.

It’s reversible, and I made the strap so the opposite color goes on the opposite side.

Then, I made a matching changing pad, and burp cloths.

They have terry cloth on the opposite side.

Kaylynn hasn’t been able to keep her hands off the material, so when I knew I had a little left over I made her a burp cloth for her baby.

Some of the pictures are a little blurry, and I wish I had one with the Hooter Hider on, to show you how it works, but our memory card bit the big one after the carnival on Sunday. You can google Hooter Hider, and see how they work.


Sometimes kids are the best teachers of other kids. September 12, 2008

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Aidan has been asking and asking for one of us to teach him to tie his shoes. The problem was he only asked when we were right in the middle of something else. So, finally last night I remembered he wanted to learn, so we sat down together and I taught him how to tie them. I didn’t teach him the traditional way because I was having a hard time explaining how you bring the lace down around the bunny ear and then pull it through the loop. So, I taught him to make two bunny ears, cross them, and then bring one under and through, just you do the first time with the laces. He caught on to that right away.

So, this morning while we were already running late to make it to the bus, Ryan decided that she wanted to learn to tie shoes too. I told her today after school, so when they got home, I was washing the dishes when she asked to be taught. I thought maybe Aidan could show her, so I said “Aidan, will you teach Ryan how to tie her shoes?” He says yes, and without showing her just explains it. She says, “Oh, I think I get it,” sits right down and ties a shoe! They’ve been trying and untying shoes all afternoon.

That was easier than I thought!


A week of firsts. August 6, 2008

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Thursday: Kaylynn went potty in the potty for the first time, she is now totally potty trained. (I still put diapers on her at nap and bed times, but she’s keeping those dry)

Saturday: Ryan lost her first tooth.

This morning (Wednesday): Rob felt the baby kick for the first time!