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Kaylynn’s Vocabulary July 4, 2009

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Some new words to add to the Teacup dictionary…

Fairy Dogs: Those annoying little rodents that usually live on the side of the road. Apparently in Kaylynn’s world, they’re magical

Complikaylynn: Complicated with a little attitude.

Unsane: A state of mind that your older siblings drive you to.

Realdiculous: So much more than just ridiculous.


3 Responses to “Kaylynn’s Vocabulary”

  1. Mom Says:

    That child of yours has come up with some of the best terms ever; It’s realdiculous!

  2. Granny Says:

    If I remember correctly, her Mom used to talk just like Kaylynn when she was that age. I only wish I had written down all the funny things she said when I was in Broomfield when the boys were born. She didn’t just say, “Give me some air, you guys!” on a hot evening in Gallup. Or, “Ahhh, lock it Mommy” when she had just locked her Mother outside during a snow storm. She had a million of them just like Kaylynn!!

  3. Granny Says:

    I forgot to add, when Liesl locked her Mom out in the snow storm, her Mom was wearing only a night gown!! She tried to break the glass screen door with a sprinkler to no avail and had to run next door for help!!

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