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Wordless Wednesday July 8, 2009

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Overheard July 4, 2009

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I don’t usually paint my finger nails, I don’t paint the girls’ very often either, but we do paint toe nails a lot. The other day, I was painting my toe nails, and Kaylynn caught a whiff of the nail polish from across the room. She said “MMMMMMM!!!! I smell toe nails!” Those toe nails sure are delicious smelling!



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Our family loves wafer cookies. We go through them pretty quickly, so the other night Rob picked up four packs at the store. The next day I told the kids that if they ate all their lunch, they could have two wafer cookies for dessert. When I pulled the cookies out, Ryan noticed that there were four packages. She was really excited so, she’s telling Aidan all about it. And, then she says “What could possibly go wrong with four packages of wafer cookies?” If only life were that simple!


Kaylynn’s Vocabulary

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Some new words to add to the Teacup dictionary…

Fairy Dogs: Those annoying little rodents that usually live on the side of the road. Apparently in Kaylynn’s world, they’re magical

Complikaylynn: Complicated with a little attitude.

Unsane: A state of mind that your older siblings drive you to.

Realdiculous: So much more than just ridiculous.