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The Fire February 6, 2009

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A friend of mine on a message board just asked about this story, so I figured as long as it’s all typed up, I’ll post it here as well. It’s probably one of my most embarrassing moments of all time. Here you go


So, this was a couple of years ago, Ryan was almost 3, Aidan was 20 or so months. Early spring (I think it was March). Ryan was running around in her swimsuit that my mom just bought her. Even though it’s too cold to be wearing it, she loves it so I’m letting her wear it inside. Rob had just left for the night, I put a pizza in the oven and decided to make myself some tea. Turn on the burner (electric), walk to my room to do something.
When I come back out of my room I’m walking down the hallway and I think, hhhhmmmm, the lighting in the kitchen looks funny, better check it out. So, go to the kitchen and realize that instead of the burner that the kettle was sitting on, I’ve chosen the burner that I have a plastic cutting board sitting on. The thing is on fire.
So I turn off the burner. But, not sure what to do for a plastic stove top fire (you know, is it dish soap, baking soda, water???) I call 911, hoping the operator will tell me. So, I ask, and she says she can’t tell me. But, by the time she’s told me this the stupid thing has burned itself out anyway. So, I say “Never mind, it’s all out anyway.” And, she says “Well, I’m going to send A fire truck to check it out anyway. You need to get yourself and the kids out of the house.” So, I take the cutting board out on the porch because it stinks, and I take the kids out to the front of the building.
Remember Ryan is in her swimsuit, and she’s prancing around like a pony in the circus. And, remember that the nice 911 operator told me she’d send A truck. So, I’m standing outside my apartment and all of a sudden, I kid you not, not one truck, 3 trucks, 1 ambulance and 2 police cars, come roaring in lights and sirens ablaze. 2 of the trucks blocked off both of our parking lot entrances, the other one pulls up right to my building. Now all of my neighbors are out to see what the commotion is. And, the firemen jump out full garb on. Fire proof suits, oxygen tanks, the works people. (I couldn’t make this up if I tried)
So, I’m totally embarrassed, and the firemen come running up and into my apartment we go. The first one says “where’s the fire?”
“Well, it burned itself out, it happened here on the stove top, and the cutting board that was actually on fire I took to the porch.”
So the second fire fighter says, I’ll check the porch. The first guy follows me into the kitchen, and says “hhhhmmmm, smells like pizza”
The second guy comes back in and says “just a burned up cutting board out here.”
Much Ado about nothing. I was so embarrassed And, no one even told me what I should have done.
So, Rob, thinking it was hilarious to tease me about bought me an extinguisher that is supposed to be good for all fires. And, about a month later, he did EXACTLY the same thing. Tea/cutting borad and all. We used the extinguisher, and let me tell you, unless our house is seriously in danger of burning down, we will NEVER use that thing again. It was gross!
So, the moral of the story is… grease fires, use dish soap. Anything else use water. Unless it’s electrical I don’t know what you do for an electrical fire.


6 Responses to “The Fire”

  1. Mom Says:

    Poor girl; We all have our embarrassing moments as moms. For the two of us it seems to be centered around our stoves. Remember the old brown stove, that I used to take the knobs off of so Jess and Matt wouldn’t turn it on, and then they got old and some broke, and I would just leave the knobs off and (though more difficult) would turn it on without using the knobs? Apparently too hard for the babysitter to get all the way on or off and who didn’t know where I kept the knobs anyway, and so had to call the fire department (while dad and I) to turn it off because it was leaking gas? Same thing. Didn’t you have to go across the street to the school yard and wait?

  2. justspeaz Says:

    Ha ha, I do remember that. I was at Grandma and Grandpa’s though when most of it happened. I remember pulling up to the after math of that one 🙂

  3. Portia Says:

    Oh wow!!! Well if you are interested in protection against cooking fires, I would recommend StoveTop FireStop. It is an automatic fire suppressor that magnetizes underneath the vent hood. When a flame touches it, it automatically releases a fire suppressing powder that puts out the fire so you don’t have to!! Check out the website at

  4. Oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally remember that story. but you tell is SO well 🙂 I just was giggling the whole thing. Thank you for that 🙂

  5. Carrie Says:

    Oh my gosh, I spit water out, I was laughing so hard. That was totally NOT your fault!!! Silly 911 lady!

  6. Great story! Similar thing happened to me..except with 3 police cars sirens blaring over a helium balloon that set off our motion detector in my house…Guess it’s better to be safe than sorry! Thanks for making me laugh today. God Bless

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