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Even The Wee Bear Had A Costume Last Night November 1, 2008

I’ll let Rob tell you about the actual night, I’m just going to post some pictures….

Wee Bear’s first costume a Jack O’ Lantern


Sharpay from High School Musical (she’s never seen the movie, but she loved the dress!)




Princess Aurora, or Rora, if you’re Kaylynn. It almost killed her to wait ALL WEEK to wear her costume!



Even Hosteen got in one of the pictures!


The finger! Rob will have to tell you all about it. I’m sure he will since Halloween is his favorite holiday.


Not the best night for pictures to be sure, but it was a long night.


13 Responses to “Even The Wee Bear Had A Costume Last Night”

  1. Rob in Gallup Says:

    Your jack-o-lantern turned out great. I loved it. I guess I better blog a Halloween recap now. People will be confused if I don’t explain what it meant that I spent the evening giving children the finger.

  2. Granny Says:

    I love all the photos! These guys were the best part of Halloween for me. We couldn’t have done Halloween without all of them. They were a tremendous help and I hope all these photos are on our screen saver. They all looked adorable!!

  3. Emily Straw Says:

    Awwww great pics! Miss you!!

  4. Terri Says:

    Very cute pics 🙂

  5. Mom Says:

    Cute family! I can’t wait to read about it.

  6. Janna Says:

    Ryan and Kaylynn look SO beautiful, and Wee Bear & Aidan look exactly as I expected them to. Love to all!

  7. micah d.l. Says:

    EXCELLENT costumes!
    Kaylynn’s costume reminds me of calling Ryan as Jasmine for her bday hahaha!
    I think I’m going to steal your idea for a belly costume if we’re ever preggers around halloween….or my friend Megan’s idea to go as pregnant Britney Spears, complete with cheetos and a t-shirt that read “VIRGINITY ROCKS!!” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    oh man. i love halloween.
    so glad you all had such a great time!

  8. Katie Says:

    Liesl, Wee Bear’s costume was AWESOME! I love, love, love Halloween because it was always such a fun night with Granny and Granddad. Glad you got some chocolate, afterall. Hee hee!

  9. penne pasta Says:

    I would have thought I’d died and gone to heaven if I could have had a Rora outfit! Thanks alot, folks. Now, I’m stunted for life. BTW: Wee Bear looks READY!

  10. pennepasta Says:

    Now, I’ve looked at the pictures again and decided there’s something about KayLynn that makes me think her Nana probably looked just like that when she was that age. Maybe the gorgeous smile. Then, there’s Hosteen. I love you, Hosteen.

  11. Mom Says:

    Rob, what about the finger?

  12. Oh MAN! They are getting so very big! And SO cute! I did see HS Musical 1, 2, and 3. And I am happy to say I’m a huge fan! 🙂

  13. Rob in Gallup Says:

    Since I never blogged about it, I’ll put it here for Mom’s benefit. The finger is a gag where it looks like a severed finger in a jewelry box. I painted it so it would look fake, but it’s actually my finger poking up through a hole in the cotton and the bottom of the box. You dare the trick-or-treaters to touch it, and when they do, you wiggle it. Freaks them out that it’s alive.

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