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Not Me! Monday October 20, 2008

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You know that girl I’ve been telling you about? The one who gets into all kinds of things? She’s been busy this week…


So, you know it was her who contemplated starting this blog as soon as she finished posting her Not Me! Monday last week. Just so she could remember all of the things she didn’t do all week. (Hey, she does have pregnancy brain, so let’s cut her a little slack.)


You have to know that it wasn’t me who fell down the stairs landed on my back, and then decided not to go to Labor and Delivery to be monitored.


If you had been at my house this week, you certainly wouldn’t have caught me sleeping past nine almost every day this week.


It has to be someone else who can’t keep her pants up if she walks more than two steps. So, no one saw my ginormous pregnant belly sticking out this week. I bet that poor girl wishes she could find some maternity pants with a panel in them.


Who would have skipped the Presidential Debate this week to watch “The Island” on MTV? Not I, said Just Speaz.


It wasn’t me who cried so hard that my nose got so stuffy that I couldn’t blow it during Abby’s last episode of “ER.” I know that show is not real, and there’s no reason to cry about such things. And, I certainly don’t get teary just thinking about it now.


I planned ahead, so I’m not freaking out about what my entire family will wear tonight in our family picture for the new directory at church.


That other girl called her husband Friday night and asked him to bring home McDonald’s so she wouldn’t have to think about dinner. Wow, must be nice.


I certainly did not enjoy my Saturday of all day laundry at my Granny’s house while Rob watched all three of the kids by himself.


This week I did not eat two miniature cupcakes and a pumpkin cookie with cool whip, and should know that I have never contemplated just eating the Cool Whip by the spoonful.


That about wraps it up for this week. You, know I won’t have another blog like this next week, maybe somebody else will…


10 Responses to “Not Me! Monday”

  1. Janna Says:

    Apparently the children were on their BEST behavior this week… *chuckle*

    I like this new layout better than the last! Love you!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I didn’t cry at Abby’s last episode. I cried like a baby when Pratt died. I have watched ER from the very first episode. I’m sad that this is the last season.

    Just Speaz says: I’m sad this is the last season as well. I told my husband, I’m not sure whose last episode I cried harder at… Dr Green’s or Abby’s… At least Abby didn’t die, seems like things might work out for her 😀

  3. Michelle & Ken Says:

    Personally, I think that only eating two miniature cupcakes and a pumpkin cookie with frosting isn’t all that bad when you are 32 weeks prego. So whoever did eat those is doing pretty good b/c it’s not me that loves to eat sweets and just today bought a package of vanilla wafers and is trying to resist not eating the whole package.

    Hope you appointment(s) goes well on Wednesday.

    Just Speaz says: I should have been more specific, I ate them all in one sitting. But, it is the only time of my life I can eat like this and not feel TOTALLY guilty 🙂

  4. Emily Straw Says:

    I agree with Michelle & Ken, two mini cupcakes and a pumpkin cookie really isn’t that bad. Now when you send your husband to Dairy Queen for a hot dog and ice cream simply because turkey and cheesy potatoes just don’t sound good you have problems. And it was definately not me who did that last night…

  5. Terri Says:

    I skipped the dedate and watch “The Island” on MTV and whoever it wwas that did the same I say great choice. Also I was sad that Abby on “ER” is gone one the best espisodes I seen in awhile, and whoever cried it is understandable 🙂

  6. Mom Says:

    It was not your mother who didn’t even think about checking your blog for ‘Not Me Monday’ until Monday was almost over….But yay on pictures!!!?

  7. pennepasta Says:

    And it wasn’t ME who used to actually wear suspenders under my tops when the end was in sight…..
    And it WASN’T me who repeatedly slept in until nine every day this last week….although I have a cold sure wish it HAD been me! So, have you already written next weeks’s ‘Not Me’?

    Just Speaz Says: That, my dear Penne, is not a bad idea! I wonder where I can get suspenders in Gallup…

  8. pennepasta Says:

    City Electric, of course!

  9. Jesse Says:

    It’s actually Heidi but I LOVE how long your hair is and wanted to tell you that you look GREAT! hugs

  10. Mom Says:

    What! No ‘Not Me Monday this week??

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