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Counting Down To Wee Bear October 17, 2008

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3 Responses to “Counting Down To Wee Bear”

  1. Ken Says:

    Hey Liesl, I am glad things are going so well for you and Rob. I am glad to read your blogs and hear about your new chapter of life in N.M.

    Loren Perlan is helping Calvary in a quest to do a streets of Bethlehem. He was wondering if Rob had any information about what they used at TBC or if he knew who might have a sacred notebook? Anyhow, if you have any info that would be great if not… well oh well. (email or give me a call I would love to speak w/ Rob and You)

    More importantly I hope all is well with the baby business! It sounds like this pregnancy has been an adventure with the rural life and all. Are you comfortable with the hospital and all? We have been going to child birth prep classes (Lamaze) which has been a kick in the pants! I think I must be younger than everyone else (my self age is still 22) but I am sure we are all the same age. I am really excited for children I can’t wait (but I’m totally freaked out by the whole thing too, it’s great). Take care and give all 3 kiddos a hug for me 😉


  2. Mom Says:

    I check here every day just to see the countdown ticker, but it would be fun to have another entry from you. LOVE

  3. Emily S Says:

    Only 19 days to go!! Woohoo!!!

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