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Holy 32 Week Appointment Batman! October 16, 2008

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First, I’ve decided just to put it all out there. I wasn’t going to tell a lot of people about this because we have a lot of worriers (you know who you are). I didn’t want anyone to get upset. But, this stuff usually all comes out in the wash, so might as well be me who tells you…

Tuesday night Kaylynn climbed into bed with Rob and I, and preceded to throw up all over me. If you know me, at all, then you’ll know that it took a lot of work on my part not to throw up on her in return, but I didn’t, and I lived to tell about which is amazing. At the “Strob” there is no bathroom upstairs, so you have to go outside down the stairs and back inside down stairs. We got Kaylynn down and cleaned up and decided that it would be better if one of us slept downstairs with her for the night. I went back upstairs to figure out what we were going to need. On my way back down with all of Kaylynn’s blankets and in my left arm and an inflated twin size air mattress in my right hand, I miss the second to last step and eat it. Somehow, by the grace of God (quite literally because I still cannot figure out how I landed this way) I landed on my back mostly on the air mattress. I hit the concrete step at the bottom with the right side of my back, but I just have a little scratch. These are not particularly treacherous steps. Yes, they’re outside, but they’re well built, and not steep, and they weren’t slick. Pregnant women just have more of a penchant for falling. If you’re asking why in the world Rob wasn’t doing this, first he was dealing with the puke, and I have already mentioned, that I CANNOT do puke, so, he was already doing the harder of the two jobs. Second, if he had know that I was going to get up there and decide that I could do it all, and in one trip, you better believe he would have been up there taking care of it. Or, at least outside with the video camera (I’m totally kidding here folks).  When you take a spill and you’re in your third trimester, you are supposed to go straight to Labor and Delivery (DO NOT pass go, DO NOT collect $200) to be monitored. But, I already mentioned Kaylynn was puking, and Ryan and Aidan were already sleeping, so I figured I landed soft, baby was still moving, I was not having any contractions or any other weird symptoms, so, I would be ok to monitor myself and go if something happened.

Which, brings us to my appointment yesterday morning. I love love love Dr. Vaezzedeh! I cannot stress it enough, and I cannot be more thankful for him. I think, I already mentioned that I left a particularly inferior Dr and clinic when we left CO, so I was having some anxiety about who I would end up with out here. But, he’s amazing, and, if you ever end up having a baby in Gallup NM, I have a recommendation for you 🙂 We talked about the fall, I didn’t tell him the whole story, just that I had tripped off the stairs but had happened to land on an air mattress. Rob said to tell him that as soon as I get pregnant he puts air mattresses at the bottom of all our stairs (can you tell this is not the first fall I’ve taken during a pregnancy?). Anyway, he was adamant that if I fall again, any kind of fall, go to labor and delivery. Ok, I’ll do it. He also ordered some kind of blood test to see if the baby’s blood had mixed with mine from the fall. I have no idea what that is, I’ve never heard of it. He also checked my back for bruising, and my belly for tenderness. There was some tenderness, but it’s just the ligaments trying to hold up all the belly.

Then we talked about my heart palpitations. They’re fairly common during pregnancy, and I come by it naturally because Granny had them during her pregnancy with my dad.  But, this is my first time to experience them, and they are pretty annoying and sometimes alarming to me. So, he thought it would be best get it all checked out. I now have an appointment with Dr White the cardiologist next Wednesday, to see what we can find out. He also ordered blood work for my thyroid. So, hopefully, sometime next week, I’ll know if there is something else going on, or if it is indeed just a pregnancy thing that I’ll have to live with until we get the Wee Bear out.

While he was looking for Wee’s heart beat, he decided that he thinks the baby is head up. Bummer, it was head down last appointment. So, he was going to bring the ultra sound machine and take a look, but decided to measure my belly first. I’m measuring 37.5 weeks (basically full term). No wonder I’ve been feeling so BIG. He thinks the baby is big, so I have an ultra sound appointment for next Wednesday, so he can check the size and the position of the baby. Maybe, the baby will give us the money shot, but I’m not holding my breath! I’ll update more as I know more. So, there you have it, me and Wee. 8 weeks left! 🙂


13 Responses to “Holy 32 Week Appointment Batman!”

  1. Jesse Says:

    I must say, I admire the proactive approach to toughening the kids these days! Why wait until they are out of the womb when you can sart now?

  2. Janna Says:

    **hmmmm** <— Janna worrying.

  3. Emily Straw Says:

    Wow I’m glad you guys are okay! A fall is definately a scary thing. But God has a way of making it so they are pretty cushioned in there 🙂 I wonder how big this baby is going to be? Hopefully not the 10 pounds you mentioned! If so, a very strong epidural is in order 😉 Keep up the great work mommy!!

    JustSpeaz says: I know are first I thought “been there, done that, bought that t-shirt” but, really Aidan was my easiest, labor, delivery, and recovery…

  4. maryvigil Says:

    a fall… well I know you and you know me… I fell down the stairs today – in one hand, the baby and in the other the dog – the other baby – I should put an air matteress at the landing and the bottom of the stairs – I am stealing that idea! I cannot wait to hear more about the wee one… Love you!

  5. Danica/Dream Says:

    Wow! Take care of yourself and that sweet little one. I hope Kaylynn feels better soon. (and that none of the others get it!)

  6. Terri Says:

    One that worries me just a bit..but on the other hand glad that for what you know right now everything is ok…so yes in all honesty I am a bit worried….Thanks for the update and for sharing.

  7. Stacy Fredrickson Says:

    WHOLLY CRAP!! I am so glad you are okay. Dang girl, get that baby out of the belly.(said in an Austin Powers way) Anyways, thanks for the congrats. I hope my sickness goes away also. Did you ever find or hear of Autumn Yazzie?? hehe

  8. Mom Says:

    I love Thee and Wee and I’ll be ‘stepping up the prayers’, pun intended!

  9. Mom Says:

    Sgt. Turpen, J. – You’ve always been able to crack me up!

  10. Mom Says:

    Zipadee! Another chance to see if Wee is he or she?

  11. pennepasta Says:

    Holy Crap would have been my comment, too, if I’d only thought of it first. Sheesh, Liesl! I’m definitely voting for BEFORE 12/7.

  12. kingschild Says:

    I am so glad you are OK!!! But oh dang. I am so screwed when I get preggers if it makes you more clumsy! Thanks for the warning Liesl! 🙂

  13. Kelly Says:

    Okay I probably should have read THAT before voting on when the baby is coming…rofl!

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