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Not Me! Monday October 13, 2008

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I told you not to come back this week, I didn’t do anything this week that I wouldn’t want to fess up to… But, since you’re here… I’ll tell you somethings that someone else must have done…


This week, it was NOT me thinking ahead about the things I wanted to write in Not Me! Monday.


It wasn’t me who forgot to feed the dogs all day because it was so stinkin’ windy out. I’m sure whoever did it realized her mistake, and they got to eat, even if it was after bedtime.


I didn’t watch the whole (totally non helpful) presidential debate the other night just to see if Todd Smith from “Selah” got to ask his question.


You won’t find me counting the days (2) until my next Dr appointment. I am most decidedly NOT one of those crazies who likes to go to the Dr. Or the dentist.


This week when I put my laundry away, I absolutely did not pull the few baby clothes out over and over again and feel them and dream of the baby that will be wearing them very soon.


Also, I didn’t put a movie on to keep the kids entertained while I did said laundry, and then decided while I was up there, I would lay down for 15 minutes.


I am not getting tired of my blog background, no sir, not I.


Must be someone else out here who caught a tarantula this week. And, it’s for sure not living in my house right now, in it’s own house that we bought.


Not once this week did I think, gee it’d be nice if the kids had school today. My kids are perfect, they don’t mess up the whole house in a matter of minutes. Who would ever be worn out by my kids?


I am not one of those pregnant women who jumps out of bed first thing in the morning to check her baby development tickers when I’m a week further along. My weeks change on Sunday, and I’m too busy getting ready for church to check the internet first thing in the morning.


That about wraps it up for that other girl this week. I’ll keep my eyes open to report what she’s been up to next Monday.


PS Must be one of the other Not Me! Monday blogs, that had a spelling error in EVERY entry. Whew, I bet that girl is glad for spell check!


14 Responses to “Not Me! Monday”

  1. Mom Says:

    LOVE IT!! LOVE YOU!!! I used to really look forward to going to my OB too………

  2. pennepasta Says:

    I’m so glad it WASN’T you who corralled that tarantula! Just the very thought…..!! Rob must have been lying. I knew it. I’m relieved.

  3. pennepasta Says:

    I LOVE pink!

  4. Janna Says:

    I was NOT a total lunatic about my nephew being here this weekend. I did NOT offer to change every diaper. I did NOT change his clothes twice yesterday because the first set wasn’t cute enough.

    I am NOT impatient about the arrival of the new Sanchez.

  5. Michelle Says:

    Great Not Me’s! I especially love how you started it….very funny!

  6. Audre Says:

    I totally forgot to add this Not Me to my blog. “I didn’t watch the whole (totally non helpful) presidential debate the other night just to see if Todd Smith from “Selah” got to ask his question.” My husband didn’t appreciate that I totally looked for Todd from Selah

  7. Emily Straw Says:

    LOL too cute! I also love how the new blog looks! 🙂 Love you!

  8. Elaine Says:

    Too funny, cute blog.

  9. Granny Says:

    You forgot to tell everybody that you didn’t come down with pink eye last Wednesday and can’t get rid of it. Aidan didn’t have it first. I didn’t even see “spiderpig” this morning in his fine house. He’s a good lookin’ tarantula!Any body know a cure for pink eye?

  10. I have never wished that my kids were in school when it was out!!

  11. pennepasta Says:

    Tarantulas in captivity cause pink eye…. I’m pretty sure I read something in the New England Journal of Medicine about it.

  12. pennepasta Says:

    A good lookin’ tarantula, Granny? I’m sure it wasn’t YOU who said that. Somebody’s hacking your user name. Or else somebody’s smokin’ something new in their pipe… Good lookin’ tarantula, forsooth….

  13. Granny Says:

    Now just a minute,pennepasta, did you forget when I was younger I had a tarantula, Harry was his name. He was good lookin’. He gave me pink eye.

  14. Stefanie Says:

    Ewww…a tarantula?
    I most certainly haven’t gotten sentimental over baby clothes either. 🙂

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