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Not Me Monday October 6, 2008

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This week I DID NOT skip Wordless Wednesday, because I was just too tired to think about it. It must be someone else you were thinking of, because mine is right where it should be…


I didn’t eat three quarters of a box of Mac and Cheese by myself, that would be way too much, even if I am eating for two.


I did not celebrate passing my one hour gestational diabetes test by eating cupcakes one night and then eating cake another night. Wouldn’t that be silly?


I didn’t shove my feet into shoes that suddenly aren’t fitting just to look good. My feet aren’t swelling. No, really, they’re not…


This week no one mentioned how big I am or how I must be ready to be done. Seriously, I don’t know what would even give that impression.


Must be another girl who got irritated at her husband because he called twice right after she had gotten comfortable on the couch. I feel sorry for that girl, what could her husband possibly need so badly he has to call twice from work???


It wasn’t me who got frustrated at her sewing machine, and said some impolite words. Why would I get irritated at my sewing machine. I am an expert sewer, and don’t have any trouble with my sewing machine.


It’s not me who has clean laundry sitting upstairs in a laundry bag since last Wednesday. I come home and put all my laundry away as soon as I can so Rob doesn’t have to iron his own work clothes.


Someone else’s two year old HAD to take a nap this week because her mommy needed one.


And it certainly wasn’t my two year old who put two bouncy balls in her dress, and then proudly announced “LOOK, I have BOOBS!” And, if it was her, you know it wasn’t me laughing at her. How impolite. Not mine, she’s almost three now anyway.


My kids didn’t ask me if I was planning on being a plumber, this week. My pants stay up just fine, my belly is not too big to hold them up…


I did not jump off of a chair when I knocked a spider from the ceiling on to it. I’m 31 weeks pregnant, I know better than to stand on chairs. Who cares about a little brown spider anyway?


I wasn’t irritated when I found out that the VP debate preempted “The Office” and “ER.” I love politics, and I definitely haven’t had enough of them this year!


And, I’m certainly not ignoring my sink full of dirty dishes to work on this blog. My dishes are all done and put away, must be the last person whose blog you visited.


Last but not least, I did not get this idea from MCK Mama. I am creative enough to come up with it on my own…


PS, you should not come back next Monday looking for more “Not Me.” I won’t have anything that I didn’t do…


17 Responses to “Not Me Monday”

  1. Janna Says:

    I just love Kaylynn. I know it wasn’t her, but if it had been, I’d have been crying due to all the laughing.

  2. Terri Says:

    ok it’s not me..Ha Ha! I really enjoyed this blog and if any of these had to do with you or any of your kids especially the part with the bouncy balls, I’m sure I would of been laughing…:)

  3. Emily Straw Says:

    Of course I believe you! Must be some other girl… 🙂 Love you!!

  4. mommyrose Says:

    This is a neat idea. Very cute! I wish I could have seen Kaylynn do that…I mean that other girl. 😉

  5. Becky Says:

    Eeww. I hate spiders. They freak me up.

  6. Rob in Gallup Says:

    This is the best, most creative blog post I have read in a while, and I read a lot of blogs. It made my day. I love you.

  7. Granny Says:

    That was a fun and clever blog.!! All my grandaughters are efficient like that just like their Granny – we’re on top of everything all the time!!!

  8. Jennifer Says:

    Love the “Look I have boobs”!! Great Not Me’s!

  9. Michelle Says:

    Great list and thanks for visiting my blog. I’m really enjoying your blog!

  10. Mom Says:

    Okay, not the plumber, you did not get all that efficiency from me and I’m brave enough to admit it! I admire you though for such a creative piece even if it wasn’t your original idea…Granny really does have it all together!

  11. Stefanie Says:

    Great blog! I have eaten 3/4 of a box of mac and cheese…not pregnant, lol!

  12. pennepasta Says:

    Radibonzical post! Tell her to use socks, next time…

  13. Katie Says:

    Great, Liesl! That made me laugh. BTW — Socks unroll…tennis balls.

  14. justspeaz Says:

    Actually, on a two year old, the bouncy balls are just about perfect 😀

  15. Leah Says:

    …3/4 of a box? I used to routinely eat a whole box all to myself. Good for you for not eating that! =) hee hee hee!

    Great blog Liesl – I really enjoy reading yours and Rob’s!

  16. tigerlilysandybanks Says:

    Haha that was great! Oh boy what I could tell about the lives of others…not mine, of course (like you’re not getting tired of everybody using a play-on-words because of the blog rofl).

  17. Kerry Says:

    Ha! I WAS NOT really excited that it was Thursday…and then WAS NOT really frustrated that there was no new Office, too!

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