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2 All Beef Patties September 30, 2008

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This weekend the family and I traveled to CO for a retreat with our church out there. It’s a twelve hour drive, so we were planning on making some fast food stops. We haven’t really been eating fast food out here, because we’re too far away to make it convenient at all. Which, is good, so that last time we had McDonald’s was our last trip to CO, over two months ago. First stop about 8am McDonald’s: Albuquerque. This is one of the fancy new “McCafe” ones. Which, really just means no playland and fancy paint. This is really a bummer when you’re planning on packing your kids back in the car for another 8-9 hours. We walk in the kids assess the Happy Meal toys and (of course) they want Happy Meals. Rob and I are thinking that might be a good idea to help keep them busy in the car. We get up to the counter, and are informed they don’t have breakfast Happy Meals. Fabulous.

So, this is why we end up at McDonalds again. Stop number two about 2pm Pueblo. Great, we find another “McCafe.” But, this one is even better. Not only do they not have a playland, they have two giant, flat screen TVs blaring (I am not kidding here folks, it was L O U D) either Disney Channel, or Nick Jr. So, McDonalds is serving my kids fatty heart attack inducing food, with supposedly healthy choices (excuse me while I roll my eyes at the apple slices). And, they’re encouraging them to sit on their butts, eyes glued to the TV while they eat that fabulous nutritious goodness. Wasn’t McDonald’s trying to go away from all of this? I’m confused.


McDonald’s, you McFail.


9 Responses to “2 All Beef Patties”

  1. pennepasta Says:

    They think they have a new market. They’ll find out. Market forces are powerful. But of course, in all fairness, they’re not FORCING heart-attack-in-a-paper-bag on anyone’s kids….. They sell it because people buy it, even knowing it’s not really all that healthy. LOTS of it! Market forces, again. Next time, see if Whole Foods Market has happy meals! Your curmudgeonly Aunty Penn. :>)

  2. maryvigil Says:

    FUNNY! I love McDonalds, but I will say, no playland is kind of pointless, isn’t that way you take the kids there anyways… what is a McDonalds without a playland, it makes as much sense as a vegitarian Big Mac, hold the bun… We are traveling to Santa Fe this weekend… wish we could stop and see you…

  3. Rob in Gallup Says:

    You forgot to mention how the healthy apple slices come with a side of sugary caramel dipping sauce, which I’m sure is all sorts of healthiness.

    It was surprising to me that the fast food didn’t really even taste that good after having eaten real food for so long.

    As for the Playland, I still think it’s lame, but right now I’ll just chalk it up to being a cold (or some other germ) that our kids didn’t come home with as a result of playing in one.

  4. Terri Says:

    All I have to say matter how McD’s tries to have healthier choices etc. it does not make me want to eat there, fast food is fast food no matter how you try to disguise it. I will real food any day…. as forthe play ground why have them there one time and not the next time (IE taking them out etc.) if they want families that choose to go there with kids then they need to make more kid friendly.

  5. Mom Says:

    I think they are being Mclame! They cannot compete with the adult ‘friendly’ cafes. They built their reputation on a place to take little kids that they will love. Their toys in the “happy meals” have really gone downhill, and the food was never that good in the first place. Dad and I have tried their new trendy coffee drinks, and they are so doggone sweet that we have to order one, order each of us a regular coffee, split it up between two cups and add cream which of course isn’t that great either, but the sugar and caffeine will keep you driving for awhile if that’s what you need. And Rob, you are so right: those playlands are a hot bed of germs!

  6. pennepasta Says:

    Ahhhh….but the chocolate dipped cones…..

  7. Emily Straw Says:

    Amen Rob! I totally think it’s hilarious that they serve carmel sauce with apple slices. 🙂

  8. Kelly Says:

    LOL McFail. That’s great.

  9. pennepasta Says:

    Um, helllooo. Caramel sauce with apples slices? I wait all year for these delectable treats to come on the market around what the natives lovingly call Halloween. I prefer the ones that come on a stick, have a secret rotten spot and glue your teeth together. So, you whiney young parents, just tell them no caramel sauce. But don’t tell their Aunty Penn!

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