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Favorite Comment Friday September 19, 2008

Another blog idea that I’ve stolen from someone else, but after this comment I just had to… So, from now on, I’ll post my favorite comment from the previous week on “Favorite Comment Friday”

The comment is from Aunty Penn, and you can find it and the context in What do they call those things again? Here’s the comment:

“Granny told me she couldn’t really read it cuz she couldn’t find her testicles. They’re probably on top of her head, but sometimes she hangs them around her neck…. And sometimes she forgets and leaves them in the bathroom…..”


10 Responses to “Favorite Comment Friday”

  1. Aunty Penn Says:

    Thanks for the honor!
    Does a ribbon come with this? A commerative plaque? Certificate to super-size my fries if I buy a quarter-pounder meal? Dinner with Gandalf? Oops. Mixing blogs.

    Liesl Says:
    We’re going to have to ask Sergeant Turpen for some prize ideas 🙂

  2. Mom Says:

    You all crack me up!

  3. Mom Says:

    This competition puts too much pressure on me.

  4. Emily Straw Says:

    LOL your Aunty Penn cracks me up 🙂

  5. Granny Says:

    I would love to read who the winner was and all the following comments BUT you know what I can’t find!!!

  6. Terri Says:

    that is pretty good Liesl! what a cool idea 🙂

  7. Edie C. Says:

    I love Aunty Penn. We need a bio and picture of her. I bet she has the sweetest face with beautiful laugh lines.

  8. Aunty Penn Says:

    Bio? Picture? Don’t want to scare the fan base.

  9. pennepasta Says:

    OK, not that anyone looks at these things way later except me……..but now the fan base can have a tiny glimpse……

  10. pennepasta Says:

    Uh-oh. I’m not Aunty Penn, anymore. That’s because I now have a blog with one entry. Probably the only one I’ll ever enter because I haven’t a clue what I’m doing… that’s new….

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