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What do they call those things again? September 13, 2008

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Yesterday while I’m on the phone with my mom:

Aidan: “Mom, what’s the real name for boy’s balls again?”

(I’m talking to my mom, so I don’t answer him.)

Aidan: “Oh yeah, Ryan, they’re called spectacles.”


15 Responses to “What do they call those things again?”

  1. Aunty Penn Says:

    Words are not adequate for this one…..

  2. blythewhite Says:

    awesome. 🙂

  3. Emily Straw Says:

    I’m going to make this into flair and send it to you sometime 🙂

  4. Terri Says:

    that is to cute…Aidan crackks me up!

  5. Granny Says:

    I can’t stop laughing!

  6. Aunty Penn Says:

    If he runs outside without his underwear, HE’LL be a spectacle!

  7. Mom Says:

    There are so many ways to comment on this, I think I’ll pass, but if anyone’s got spectacles, it’s Bud!

  8. Emily Straw Says:

    So I asked Ethan yesterday if he knew where my jacket was and he said “baby jacket!” and proceeded into my closet and emerged with a bra, which he proudly announced is a “baby jacket.” 🙂 Just thought it was cute enough to share in this thread 🙂 Love you and miss you!

  9. Katie Says:

    Too funny!

  10. Aunty Penn Says:

    Granny told me she couldn’t really read it cuz she couldn’t find her testicles. They’re probably on top of her head, but sometimes she hangs them around her neck…. And sometimes she forgets and leaves them in the bathroom…..

  11. Aunty Penn Says:

    I have five pairs.

  12. Granny Says:

    Thanks Aunty Penn! Now I still can’t stop laughing! I can’t even straighten up, I’m lying on the floor!!

  13. Edie C. Says:

    So, my hubby, Garry, couldn’t find his spectacles this afternoon. He found them in the bathroom!

  14. Michelle Says:

    LOL! That is too funny. When my youngest was four she thought a va-jay-jay was called a fagina!

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