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Sometimes kids are the best teachers of other kids. September 12, 2008

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Aidan has been asking and asking for one of us to teach him to tie his shoes. The problem was he only asked when we were right in the middle of something else. So, finally last night I remembered he wanted to learn, so we sat down together and I taught him how to tie them. I didn’t teach him the traditional way because I was having a hard time explaining how you bring the lace down around the bunny ear and then pull it through the loop. So, I taught him to make two bunny ears, cross them, and then bring one under and through, just you do the first time with the laces. He caught on to that right away.

So, this morning while we were already running late to make it to the bus, Ryan decided that she wanted to learn to tie shoes too. I told her today after school, so when they got home, I was washing the dishes when she asked to be taught. I thought maybe Aidan could show her, so I said “Aidan, will you teach Ryan how to tie her shoes?” He says yes, and without showing her just explains it. She says, “Oh, I think I get it,” sits right down and ties a shoe! They’ve been trying and untying shoes all afternoon.

That was easier than I thought!


4 Responses to “Sometimes kids are the best teachers of other kids.”

  1. Aunty Penn Says:

    Maybe Aidan can do a video for Well Tell Me!

  2. Terri Says:

    That is really cool and awesome that Aidan helped Ryan out by teaching her to tie her shoes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mom Says:

    smart kids…Kaylynn will probably catch on just by observation!

  4. Emily Straw Says:

    How fun! I’m not allowed to teach our kids how to tie their shoes because I tie them “wierd.”

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