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2 All Beef Patties September 30, 2008

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This weekend the family and I traveled to CO for a retreat with our church out there. It’s a twelve hour drive, so we were planning on making some fast food stops. We haven’t really been eating fast food out here, because we’re too far away to make it convenient at all. Which, is good, so that last time we had McDonald’s was our last trip to CO, over two months ago. First stop about 8am McDonald’s: Albuquerque. This is one of the fancy new “McCafe” ones. Which, really just means no playland and fancy paint. This is really a bummer when you’re planning on packing your kids back in the car for another 8-9 hours. We walk in the kids assess the Happy Meal toys and (of course) they want Happy Meals. Rob and I are thinking that might be a good idea to help keep them busy in the car. We get up to the counter, and are informed they don’t have breakfast Happy Meals. Fabulous.

So, this is why we end up at McDonalds again. Stop number two about 2pm Pueblo. Great, we find another “McCafe.” But, this one is even better. Not only do they not have a playland, they have two giant, flat screen TVs blaring (I am not kidding here folks, it was L O U D) either Disney Channel, or Nick Jr. So, McDonalds is serving my kids fatty heart attack inducing food, with supposedly healthy choices (excuse me while I roll my eyes at the apple slices). And, they’re encouraging them to sit on their butts, eyes glued to the TV while they eat that fabulous nutritious goodness. Wasn’t McDonald’s trying to go away from all of this? I’m confused.


McDonald’s, you McFail.


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

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Kaylynn will come to our bed early in the morning, usually after the big kids have left for school and ask “Can I cuddle for you?” I love it, how can you say no to that sweet sleepy voice? Last night when I walked into our room she was already almost totally out, and she woke up enough to ask “Will you cuddle for me?” Oh, the sweetest things.


Lookie what I did :) September 23, 2008

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I’d like to preface this post by saying that I have hardly ever touched a sewing machine in my life. I had about a month’s worth of lessons when I was ten or so… Sure wish that I’d taken more. So, for my birthday this year, I decided since we were moving out in the middle of no where, I would get myself a sewing machine and a couple of books and teach myself to do it. So far, I’ve completed three successful projects. Which, I think, is pretty good, especially for me. These are my two most recent.

First a hooter hider (I didn’t name it I just sewed it) It’s a nursing shawl, that keeps you covered, but there’s a piece of boning at the top around the neck that makes it stick out so mommy can still look down and see what she’s doing.  It also has a strap to hold it up so you don’t have to worry about it falling down or baby pulling it off.

It’s reversible, and I made the strap so the opposite color goes on the opposite side.

Then, I made a matching changing pad, and burp cloths.

They have terry cloth on the opposite side.

Kaylynn hasn’t been able to keep her hands off the material, so when I knew I had a little left over I made her a burp cloth for her baby.

Some of the pictures are a little blurry, and I wish I had one with the Hooter Hider on, to show you how it works, but our memory card bit the big one after the carnival on Sunday. You can google Hooter Hider, and see how they work.


Favorite Comment Friday September 19, 2008

Another blog idea that I’ve stolen from someone else, but after this comment I just had to… So, from now on, I’ll post my favorite comment from the previous week on “Favorite Comment Friday”

The comment is from Aunty Penn, and you can find it and the context in What do they call those things again? Here’s the comment:

“Granny told me she couldn’t really read it cuz she couldn’t find her testicles. They’re probably on top of her head, but sometimes she hangs them around her neck…. And sometimes she forgets and leaves them in the bathroom…..”


No Wordless Wednesday today September 17, 2008

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I haven’t had time to shoot anything this week, and Rob has been taking the camera with him to work. More next week, I promise.

In other news, today is my first appt with my new Dr. I’d aprreciate your prayers that he would be the right Dr for me and Wee. Turns out, you just get assigned one, so he’s my only option.



What do they call those things again? September 13, 2008

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Yesterday while I’m on the phone with my mom:

Aidan: “Mom, what’s the real name for boy’s balls again?”

(I’m talking to my mom, so I don’t answer him.)

Aidan: “Oh yeah, Ryan, they’re called spectacles.”


Sometimes kids are the best teachers of other kids. September 12, 2008

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Aidan has been asking and asking for one of us to teach him to tie his shoes. The problem was he only asked when we were right in the middle of something else. So, finally last night I remembered he wanted to learn, so we sat down together and I taught him how to tie them. I didn’t teach him the traditional way because I was having a hard time explaining how you bring the lace down around the bunny ear and then pull it through the loop. So, I taught him to make two bunny ears, cross them, and then bring one under and through, just you do the first time with the laces. He caught on to that right away.

So, this morning while we were already running late to make it to the bus, Ryan decided that she wanted to learn to tie shoes too. I told her today after school, so when they got home, I was washing the dishes when she asked to be taught. I thought maybe Aidan could show her, so I said “Aidan, will you teach Ryan how to tie her shoes?” He says yes, and without showing her just explains it. She says, “Oh, I think I get it,” sits right down and ties a shoe! They’ve been trying and untying shoes all afternoon.

That was easier than I thought!