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Must Be A Sister Thing August 29, 2008

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Last Sunday we went for Rob’s birthday lunch to King Dragon. (Katie calls it Chuck E Cheese Chinese), but it tastes way better than Chuck E Cheese. While we were there Kaylynn had to go potty, so I took her to the back of the restaurant to use the restroom. When we came out there was a traditional Chinese song playing, with some high pitched bells, or maybe like a xylophone. I’m not sure what the sound was. When she heard it Kaylynn got this really excited look on her face and she said “It’s SNOWING!!!” She was really excited about the sound.

When we got back to table Rob said that something really cute had happened. He said that when the song had first come on Ryan said “It sounds like it’s snowing on a beautiful day!”

I didn’t have sisters until I was 20, so if you have sisters, you’ll have to tell me, is it a sister thing?


10 Responses to “Must Be A Sister Thing”

  1. Micah Says:

    nah. just a “little girl” thing. and probably not even that. whenever i put cinnamon vanilla creamer in my coffee, i think it’s christmas time :o)

  2. Micah Says:

    i think it’s the “romantic” in all us girls that makes us think things like that…all those fun associations…

  3. Emily Straw Says:

    LOL that’s too funny. I don’t know if it’s a sister thing or not, maybe the girls are just excited for Christmas to come or something 🙂 So cute! Thanks for sharing! PS – we are almost done with season 2 of the Office getting ready for next season!!

  4. blythewhite Says:

    i love it. xylophones are totally snow music.

  5. blythewhite Says:

    and… i don’t have any sisters! 😉

  6. Mom Says:

    I’m going to go check the scene in Firebird’s Rescue right now.

  7. Aunty Penn Says:

    I’m waiting to see what ‘Mom’ finds out because, even though I understand the evocations some pieces of music have, it DOES seem unusually coincidental that they would both think the same thing about the same piece of music. On the other hand, I’ve had the fall bug this whole week–the light changed and the wind sounds different in the trees.

    Last year, when I was talking to the mother of a cute little four-year-old girl here, I said something about Christmas, and the minute the word was out of my mouth, Ava audibly gasped! I looked down and said, “Ava, are you excited about Christmas?” Her eyes were as big as saucers, her fists were clenched and all she could do was nod very slowly, as though the thought had consumed her entire being and that was all she had energy left to do. Maybe your girls are already in the thrall of euphoria about the coming prospects.

    Or maybe they’ve both heard the music in connection with snow on some video…. Could be both!

  8. Mom Says:

    I don’t think it’s Stravinsky’s music from Firebird’s Rescue – wrong instrumentation. However, it could be Vivaldi’s music from the winter scenes in Monet (discovering the seasons); or maybe the Christmas one (reindeer messy)? The winter season music definitely used a lot of xylophone and chimes in it, but nothing that at all reminded me of oriental music. Maybe it is a sister thing. What lovely images they create in their heads!

  9. Mom Says:

    It sounds more like a twin thng to me – but of course they’re not.

  10. Katie Says:

    I say it sounds like a sister thing. Me and Annie could finish each other’s thoughts before we were done thinking them! LOL. Since we did so many things together and were “on the same page” in almost every respect, it was not uncommon for us to think the same way in response to some stimuli (like thinking of snow in relation to the music sound). And that’s why we were not allowed to be partners when playing Pictionary or some game like that…we smashed the competition. =oD

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