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This, my friends, is why we moved here. August 11, 2008

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When we got here this summer Kaylynn had only met Granny and Hosteen twice in her life. Since the last time was when she was just under a year and a half old, I figured she didn’t remember them very well, if at all. Babies and children all over love Granny and Hosteen, but especially Hosteen. It doesn’t matter where I’ve ever been with him, if there’s a little one there, he or she immediately takes to him. I guess they just sense his character. Kaylynn has a new found love for her Hosteen, and I think I can safely say she loves him different than anyone else. It’s the sparkle that she gets in her eye when he’s around… And even though she can sometimes be stingy with her hugs and kisses there’s always one or three or one hundred for Hosteen.

They have this game they play, when she’s around and has food, especially if she’s walking around with food, he pretends to try and steal it. She thinks it’s just about the funniest thing that she’s ever done. Yesterday, at lunch after the bill had been paid, Hosteen brought everyone a mint, and the game was on. Good thing we were the only ones in the dining room because Kaylynn was all over the place keeping her “candy” away from Hosteen.  They played until we left.

Later, after we spent about 45 minutes at Wal-mart, Rob was carrying her out and she said “He’s gonna get my candy!” (she’d already eaten it at this point) Rob said “Who is?” Kaylynn replied “Hosteen… He’s so silly.”

Could there be anything sweeter?


7 Responses to “This, my friends, is why we moved here.”

  1. John T Says:

    That’s my Dad!

  2. Mom Says:

    Every little girl in our family that I know has a special love for their Grandfather’s – no matter the generation!

  3. Mom Says:

    Looking forward to wordless Wednesday…

  4. Terri Spratte Says:

    That is awesome and cute! Thanks for Sharing!

  5. Aunty Penn Says:


  6. Edie C. Says:

    Can we have a Granny and Hosteen Wordless Wednesday? I’d love to meet them – even if only in this blog.

    Liesl Says: That is an excellent idea. I’ll take my camera with me next time we’re in town and get some good ones of them 🙂

  7. Krista Says:

    aww, that is sweet. 🙂

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