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A Nickname for Baby Sanchez… August 7, 2008

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So, since we’re probably not going to find out what this little one is. We need a good nickname. Last time Aidan came up with the perfect nickname for Kaylynn, but this time none of the kids have produced a good one. So we need some help. We’re going to have a contest to nickname the baby. Leave a comment for this blog with your best nicknames, and we’ll pick our favorite 🙂


21 Responses to “A Nickname for Baby Sanchez…”

  1. Janna Says:

    I think “Saucer” is appropriate

  2. Janna Says:

    By the way… what is the prize for this contest????

  3. Granny Says:

    Toby or Tobie or Tobe – a name for a boy or a girl. Seems like a “Gallup’ name since this baby will probably be born in Gallup!

  4. Emily Says:

    Maybe the Navajo word for baby? I have tried and tried to find it on Google but can’t, but hey you have a whole bunch of Navajo living around you so maybe you could ask them? (Or have Aiden do it – that’s what I would do) 😀 Love you lots!

  5. micah Says:

    ummm….my co-workers wife just had a baby and their son called it either “Connor 2” or “Mommy 2” until they found out the gender….then just called her “Mommy 2” when they found out it was a girl….

    just a suggestion tee hee hee!

  6. Aunty Penn Says:

    Maybe Jesse could suggest some prizes for this contest….

  7. Aunty Penn Says:

    Well, HELLOOOO, Granny. Jim and Robbie might be Gallup names, too, you know!

    How about Robbie? Then you’d have Rob and Robbie, or Rob and Rob. Or how about Jim? Then you’d have Rob and Jim and Rob and Jim. All clear, now? Or how about Jayme Sanchez?

    But just say no to the name an old friend wondered if people still called Grandad: “Say, Jim, do they still call you Heinie?”

  8. Aunty Penn Says:

    By the way, I liked Janna’s idea of saucer. But remember, you might be in New Mexico, in which case it’d have to be ‘flying’ saucer…..

  9. Granny Says:

    Hi, Aunty Penn!

    So good to have you back in America making incredibly wise suggestions !!!

  10. John T Says:

    strob ?

  11. John T Says:

    pine cone ?

  12. Granny Says:

    Boy, my kids are bright when it comes to thinking up baby names. I’m so proud!

  13. Mom Says:

    I like pinecone! Pinon would be okay too…?

  14. Aunty Penn Says:

    Strob, John?

  15. John T Says:

    Penny, check with Kaylynn she can explain strob to you.

  16. Mom Says:

    Okay, I’m trying to be serious. How about little sprout? or Peeps? If it’s a boy though, I thought Dad and I were going to call him Pard’ner?…but I’m not sure.

    Liesl says: I thought you were going to call him Pard’ner too. I’m just looking for something gender neutral that we can call this kid until we know if it’s a boy or a girl.

  17. blythewhite Says:

    squidgy. squishy. little love. 🙂

  18. Aunty Penn Says:

    Ooooohhh! Strob! I get it, now, John. Glad you didn’t know that one back in your ‘Bat’ and ‘Thia’ days….. So, is that what you’re calling your mother, now?

    But SERIOUSLY, how about Frimfrack? Or Lischnous? Or Zloty? Oh, wait, that’s a real word somewhere….

  19. Mom Says:

    Liesl, I got inspired at the zoo today. How about B I N G O?
    Bingo would be a cute name and then when you deliver, we could say “BINGO! It’s a ____.

    Aunty Penn, Strob is what Kaylynn calls the straw bale house and he thought it would be cute to have Strob, Rob, and Robbie.

  20. Mom Says:

    How about Thumper? We could get the baby and adorable Disney bunny.

  21. Leah Says:

    …don’t know if you’ve already picked a nickname, but I have some friends who liked to call their unknown little one “jelly bean”…:)

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