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Wordless Wednesday #1 July 23, 2008

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10 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday #1”

  1. Rob in Gallup Says:

    I love it. Keep taking pictures. You’ve got the artist’s eye for it.

  2. Terri Spratte Says:

    Love the picture Liesl it is cute and cool!

  3. Janna Says:

    I think he looks a bit mischevious here – like that mud is about to end up in the middle of Ryan’s back… ;o) Great photo.

  4. blythewhite Says:

    Thanks anyway, Aidan. You can keep the mud for yourself. 😉

  5. Carrie Says:

    Liesl, I love the photo! That is a true to life photo of a little boy, and you captured it perfectly!

    Happy WW!!!

  6. Mom Says:

    I was wondering if maybe you got the mud after the picture was taken. Was Kaylynn eating it in the background? LOL

  7. Granny Says:

    ditto, Carrie!

  8. Christi Says:

    Heehee…love it. When are you guys coming?!?!

  9. That’s a very cool picture!!! I love it! Personally, those are my favorite kind – focus on something in the foreground and have the back fade out. I agree with Rob, you have the eye for it! Now, are you using manual or one of the pre-sets? If so which one? You should start experimenting with the aperture and shutter speed to see what you can do! We want more! More! More!

  10. Aunty Penn Says:

    Better in the hand than on the road….

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