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We don’t say toot, we just say fart! July 1, 2008

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I already promised a story about Ryan and Kaylynn, but there’s one about Aidan also that seems appropriate to the subject matter.

When Aidan was about two and a half, we had our friend Scott Hansen over for a visit. I think Scott was bouncing Aidan on his leg or something like that and Aidan farted. This is how the conversation went:

Scott: “Aidan, did you just do a little toot?”

Aidan: (totally serious) “Scott, we don’t say toot! We just say fart!

So, now you know that we usually just say fart around our house. I’m not one of those moms who gives things cutesie names. I don’ t know why, I just don’t. You should have seen Rob’s surprise at being informed by Aidan that he had a penis, when Aidan was just a little over one.

Now, on to our next story. When we packed up to come to Gallup I packed a whole bunch of books for Ryan and Aidan, and somehow I only managed to pack one hard board book that would be really suitable for Kaylynn. She loves the big kid’s books, but she still sometimes rips the pages. So, the other day while I was out I picked up a couple more board books, that she can read to herself, and we won’t worry about the good books. She loves Minnie Mouse right now, so when I saw one about Minnie, I knew I had to pick that one up. As soon as I got home with it, Ryan had it opened up and read it to Kaylynn about 300 times. A couple of days later I see Kaylynn reading it to herself, and this is how the conversation went:

Kaylynn: (to herself) “and, then Minnie Mouse farts”

Mommy: “Kaylynn, what did you say?”

Kaylynn: “Minnie Mouse farted”

Mommy: “Why do you think that she farted?”

Ryan: “MOM (it’s totally one of those teenage why don’t you know this eye roll kind of moms), the book says Minnie Mouse is a Rootin’ Tootin’ cowgirl!!!”


5 Responses to “We don’t say toot, we just say fart!”

  1. Maureen Bricker Says:

    Wow Speaz,

    I read your blog, went to Rob’s and back to yours and you just posted the “fart one” in the meantime! I asked Rob to tell me what took you to N.M., but I’m more likely to get a reply from you, so why don’t you email me? I had gotten a email from Marcia that the house was for rent, so I knew something was up. From an unlikely source (long story) I heard that Tim and Sarah were moving to Illinois, but I have yet to get the whole skinny on that either. Give me an update and pat your belly for me!!

    Love, Maureen

  2. Janna Says:

    Well, leave it to Miss Stinkerbell to think of Minnie that way… 😉 Oh I miss those kids! Make sure to tell your tummy that I love the one I haven’t even met yet!

  3. Emily S Says:

    Oh my gosh your kids are so funny!!!

  4. Terri Spratte Says:

    what a very cute and funny story…it made me laugh really hard. Give those kids a hug for me.

  5. Mom Says:

    It’s even funnier written down and especially with a picture of Minnie kinda pokin’ her rear out, hand behind back, and winkin’!

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