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It’s just Speaz, that’s all. June 30, 2008

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Come on in, kick off your shoes, have some iced tea. You’re welcome here, I hope that you enjoy it.

When I was thinking earlier that I should start a blog, I had all these great ideas for what I would write. I was going to be all witty, and say funny creative things… And, now, I’m totally blank. That usually happens when I actually sit down to write, and, so I don’t do it very much. Here I am anyway, and I’m going to make the best of attempts to keep up with my writing. I was going to say that I’m just writing this blog because everyone else is. But, the real reason is that Rob started one, (Rob In Gallup) and I love it; he’s the best writer that I know, but he’s not going to write all the things that I think he should write. So, I guess the responsibility falls on me 🙂 You’ll find that his are really creative, witty, and funny. Mine will probably be more stories of what funny things the kids have said and what’s going on with my pregnancy. Hopefully I’ll be as entertaining at least.

I’ll start with the Just Speaz thing. I’m sure most of you don’t even know that one of my nicknames it Speaz. It all started with Ryan Ward he was the youth pastor of the Jr High youth group that I was helping out with. He just started calling me Speazle, and it was better than all the other words that rhyme with Liesl. My brothers had been calling me Weasel, or Diesel, or… (I’m sure you can fill in the blank) for years. So, I kept it, somewhere along the way it got shortened to Speaz, sometimes Speazy, and it stuck. Though, I think Rob and Heather are the only ones who call me that anymore. Thus the long winded explanation of the nickname Speaz. Just Speaz, because like I said, as soon as I st down at the computer my creativity totally failed me. So, it’s just me, it’s all I have to offer, but I think you might like it. I kind of like it 🙂 For all of you “Will and Grace” watchers, does it remind you of “Just Jack” at all?

So, there you have it, more to come soon. I already have a funny Ryan/Kaylynn story I want to tell…

PS, if you haven’t already go read Rob’s blog and tease him about his porn star name Robin Gallup.


9 Responses to “It’s just Speaz, that’s all.”

  1. Janna Says:

    Well where are the stories? I wanna hear all about the pregnancy and Ryan and Kaylynn and Aidan. I miss you all so much!!!! LOVE YOU

  2. Rob in Gallup Says:

    Your blog is way cute. You picked a great theme.

    This blog reminds me why I fell in love with you in the first place, because you were always “Just Speaz” from the day I met you. I never felt like you were trying to be pretentious or somebody that you weren’t. You are still the most genuine, authentic, and beautiful person I have ever met in my life. I’m so lucky to be married to you.

    I’m really looking forward to reading what you write here.

  3. Emily S Says:

    Hey girl! I’m glad you’re writing a blog! Can’t wait to hear stories about those kiddos! Love you!!!

  4. Jenn Says:

    Thanks for posting this; I didn’t know about Rob’s blog until I saw this! 🙂 🙂

    I hope you guys are having fun out there…

  5. Mom Says:

    Hey! I’m SO excited that you’re going to be writing too. I think all of your friends are going to get a more rounded and fuller experience of your family’s adventure by having the male and the female point of view. Like I want to know what it’s like to be pregnant and sleeping on a hard floor all the time; or are you to the point where you’re having to use the thunder mug at night? And how about what it’s like to be a young Mom with your whole family plus two dogs in one little space with less conveniences (pros and cons). I love you and I think you will be a very expressive writer with a different style and outlook than Rob, that’s all. What good would it be if you were the same? That’s why you work well together. I love you BIG!

  6. Stacy Fredrickson Says:

    YEA!!!! I am excited about blogs. Here is mine

  7. blythewhite Says:

    helloooooo! yay for writing and yay for wordpress. aren’t you loving it already? i enjoy the theme you chose. 🙂

  8. Aunty Penn Says:

    This is gonna be good!

  9. Good job Liesl, I mean Speaze! 🙂 Cute! I’ve never known that name about you. Bring on the stories! I love to read about your adventures! and what do YOU think about Bigfoots?!

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